We want to significantly improve society and our lives by breaking present barriers between us and other persons, institutions and providers of goods and services.

Luca Magnoni

Tootoom is the new language overcoming the limits imposed by present social and linguistic constraints in communication. Tootoom focuses on the paraverbal to match shared and sharable values between people and other people, institutions and providers of goods and services.

Tootoom is the founder of a new generation of Web platforms; inclusive, indipendent and capable to provide genuine answers perfectly in line with the original requests. These answers will be calibrated on the specific needs of each user according to who she is and how she feels in a given time of her life.

It’s based on algorithms able to detect affinities between people overcoming linguistic constraints and social pregiudices. It’s also able to embrace users with different languages and ethnics enabling a comprehensive World Wide View including the diverse cultures of our Planet.

Being a digital language, through our algorithms Tootoom users will be able to communicate with any device opening up new frontiers in the field of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and I.O.T. (Internet of Things).

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