Deeply innovating Social platforms and Human-Machine-Internet communication, bringing Man, his best aspirations and impulses to the center, necessarily implies the purge of the factors that are generating “social and human value destruction”.


The proliferation of increasingly complex machines and devices and the pressing needs of Time To Market, push companies to introduce products on the market often with unsatisfactory or even frustrating interaction experiences. Tootoom introduces a universal digital language that works on empathy to offer an effective and engaging interaction of man with machines, devices and the Web.



Excessive conditioning, fake news, the systematic violation of privacy and the misappropriation of sensitive data are the tip of the iceberg revealing the inadequacy of the current model. Furthermore, in the current business models of digital platforms there is a lack of participatory and redistributive logic of social and economic value.

Unfortunately today these same factors are the only source of economic sustainability of the Social Networks themselves.

When we conceived Tootoom, we asked ourselves how to solve this paradox: devising a business model that would guarantee at the same time the purge of the factors of “social disadvantage”, the economic sustainability of the initiative and the redistributive logic.

While Big Companies work on the “Time” factor, Tootoom works in the “Sense” field, restoring value to what people say and really mean, leading to a state of reflection and predisposition to listening and dialogue. Our affinity calculation algorithms allow people to get to know each other outside the constraints and schemes of “degrees of separation”, but based on the mutual way of being and understanding things.


Thus was born the idea of our ecosystem, articulated on:

  • a new generation Social Network capable of calculating the affinities between people overcoming linguistic constraints, prejudices of a social nature or of any other type and capable of welcoming more users of different languages and ethnicities within it: designed around the concept of Digital Empathy, with an indirect Revenue Model based on controlled licensing, respectful of Privacy and free of external influences
  • a series of vertical, synergic Business Units which economically support the entire ecosystem and create social and human value.


Quidow is our first Business Unit featuring the implementation of our algorithms in the field of Sentiment Analysis via web surveys.

If you are interested in exploring investment opportunities in our Business Units, contact us to arrange a meeting with our Team and our Investors.

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