Empathic Ecosystem

In our Empathic Ecosystem research, experimentation and market activities tightly interact. Its market-specific Business Areas will generate spin-off, self-sustaining legal entities providing our value and technologies to businesses and Third Parties for the sustainability of the Tootoom ecosystem.

The parent company Tootom will ensure extensive collaboration among its own spin-offs and Third Parties in order to maximize synergy, cross-fertilization and the overall economic and social value of the ecosystem.


Today communication has become faster and easier than ever, but deeply understanding each other hasn’t become any easier. Misunderstandings and false impressions are even more common than in the past, due to the limits of digital communication (which simplifies everything but loses all the nuances) and because words repeated endlessly tend to lose their meaning and become irrelevant.

The Internet must handle
too much information

The overall architecture of the Web is getting obsolete

Despite all the tools we have,
we can’t understand each other

IoT is unable to understand
our needs and uses the devices
as a mere remote control

Language changes constantly
trying to face
linguistic and cultural limits

The fast-pace development
of technology requires a new,
effective MAN-MACHINE language

Could we use digital technologies to amplify the potential of the Net by introducing a common language which is universal, sharable and shared by people?

We created Sensodata®, the first and only A.I.-based algorithms accurately calculating people’s affinities and frictions toward topics proposed via web surveys, with a level of definition superior to any Big Data and Cognitive Data platform currently on the market.

Are you an Investor?

Tootoom enact a quantum leap in communication between people.
Internet and devices, creating a universal digital language enabling them
to understand each other for the first time.

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